Mary K. Shakshober
Graphic Designer

Print Media

Booklets, posters, flyers, exhibit catalogues, business cards, signage, and more!

The majority of my background is in print media. It was in designing print media that I first discovered my passion for graphic design as a whole.

exhibit catalogue

McIninch Art Gallery Exhibit Catalogue

For my Senior Honors Thesis I created fractal art and hosted my own exhibt to present the work. I designed the exhibit catalogue as well. Click on the image to view a PDF of the entire catalogue.

brand book example

Aroma Joe's Brand Book | Image Coming Soon

Aroma Joe's is known for its delicious coffee and morning staples, but their brand didn't reflect them properly. For my graphic design capstone course, I rebranded Aroma Joe's and created a 20-page brand book, reflecting all aspects of the rebranding.

what the fluff poster

Annual Fluff Festival

Because of the fun and youthful vibe of the Sommerville Fluff Festival, I wanted to create a bright and cartoony poster that really captures that spirit.

gibbet hill grill newsletter

Gibbet Hill Grill Newsletter

Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton, Massachuetts is a restaurant regionally acclaimed for its classical, yet rustic menu. I played off the restaurants iconic vista and interior in this newsletter.

hunger and homelessness awareness poster

SNHU Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

The SNHU Center for Community Engaged Learning dedicates a week to hunger a homelessness awareness. It was important to them that the poster be eye catching and evoke positivity, to make viewers more drawn to this rather heavy topic.

saxyderms concert poster

Saxyderms Concert Poster

The "Saxyderms" is a Greater-Boston based saxophone ensemble. Known for their quirky style, I chose to make this holiday poster non-denomnational and stay true to the Saxyderms quirky roots with an ugly sweater motif.