Mary K. Shakshober
Graphic Designer


As a designer, it is important to be comfortable behind the lens of a camera. High-quality digital imagery adds value and visual interest to graphic design works as a whole.

self-portait photograph

Self Portrait

A self portrait that I combined with a series light emmitting long exposure to create the background and colored pattern mapped onto my face.

HDR close up photo

HDR Portrait

This close-up portrait used a similar masking technique as the above self portrait, where I mapped a light-emmitance photo onto the CD in front of the model's face. HRD techniques were used as well.

rural outdoor landscape photo

Small-Town Rural Landscape

This is a photo of the historic Townsend Harbor in Townsend Massachusetts. The town is known for it's dedication to preserving historical element, so I payed respect to this through the use of greyscale.

water in-motion high-speed shutter photo

Water-Motion Shot

This photo was taken of water being thrown into the air, to capture the movement and shape of water as a visual element.