Mary K. Shakshober
Graphic Designer

Fractal Art

Fractals are mathemetical structures create beautiful works of art. These particular fractals are the IFS (iterative function system) variety. They have been programmed in MatLab and further manipulatd in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

blue and black fractal

Quadrafractal | Blue on Black

"Quadrafractal" is a collage of four fractal peices arranged in a 2x2 grid system. The idea behind Quadrafractal is to represent the mathematical concept of inversion.

black and blue fractal

Quadrafractal | Black on Blue

This peice is a direct inversion of the previous fractal. Both peices were presented in my own exhibit: "Fractals as a Mathematically-Aided Art Form".

Fractopia fractal


Fractopia was the main peice at the "Fractals as a Mathematically-Aided Art Form" exhibit. It was printed on large 48"x48" brushed aluminum.

transformation fractal

Four Fractograms | x3

Much like "Quadrafractal", "Four Fractograms" is a grid of four fractal peices. The goal of this series was to show different linear transformations applied to the original called x0. This peice had three transformations applied.